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So on Saturday mornings I usually wake up bright and early to run the South Manchester Parkrun, which is really awesome because they time you and everything : ) this has been my general trend: Anyway, this week I did … Continue reading

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how many people are conceived during earth hour?

So yesterday was Earth Hour. I hope you all turned your lights out, computers off, etc. etc. After Earth hour, Artur asked me: How many extra babies do you think are born because of Earth Hour? I wondered, thought it … Continue reading

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new years in paris – the video

i just uploaded all the video i took and montage-d some together. what do yous think?

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stats is awesome!

Apparently, 19th century mathematician Charles Babbage wrote a letter to Alfred Lord Tennyson about his poem “The Vision of Sin” where the poem goes  “Every minute dies a man, Every minute one is born;”, Babbage argued that this equation would … Continue reading

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