if i had a band, i would name it das frühstück

my dad was leaving cambridge, and driving his dad’s car back to budapest, so i decided to tag along.

this was our route:

each colour line indicates distance travelled in one day; new colour means new day. train means i took the train, car means driving, ferry sign means we took the chunnel (idk what a chunnel sign is) pedestrian sign means we stopped for a run.

i spent one night in cambridge, where my dad’s friend took us to dinner at trinity college, which was a pretty surreal experience, we ate, and we drank all kids of wines with the grand master, and a sir, and other people, and they sat around the wine table talking about someone saying “ah, he will never get a nobel prize” (in the tone of “what a loooooser”).

from cambridge we left the next morning, and drove to a little place near brugges in belgium. that night, we went to an event called 32° Nacht van West-Vlaanderen. it was a series of runs, from 10k to 100k. yes, some people run 100k. we talked to one man who was running that distance, and he said it should take him about 10 hours. wtf! anyway i ran a 10k, and my dad ran a marathon.

the next day we went to see brugges:

secret code?

local ‘chaotic gang’, the red tigers…

horse-drawn carriages where everywhere

so… tacky… wait is that a cat version of Henry the 8th?!

old stuff…

brugges was nice… and old-looking… but nothing special. i wasn’t a huge fan, it all seemed very constructed in a “look we are a protected heritage designated old-place-for-tourists-to-check-off-travel-list” way. sort of like we re-set the cobble stone once a year to make sure we stay pretty:

meh anyway, we got snacks n moved on

and arrived in brussels. i liked brussels much better, even though it’s all EU capital and everything, i thought it was pretty cool:

all i understand from that is ‘i am a rabbit, i am gay…’ but it’s enough

i wish we could have stayed for the planet coctail disco bar

belgian beers are really great. i love most beer, and will even appreciate water-y festival beer in the right circumstance, but belgian beers are super awesome. one of them is called kwak, there is also one called delirium tremens.

most famous square:

the old square was really nice. we had crappy weather, but it still looked amazing. also, all these buildings are full of a million little gargoyles or statues, and most of them are pretty funny. like this gargoyle grabbing her breast while barfing

and the poor fat kid getting his throat slit by santa

belgian chocolates are a thing too, but we didn’t have any. i bought some waffles in a carrefour but it was meh. 

also that pissing statue is a big thing in brussels but we didn’t see that either, too many people. but we saw a pissing french fry, which grossed my dad out because of it probably pissing oil…

anyway i liked brussels, maybe because of its combination of the sincerely old with the modern:

but again we moved on… after seeing some naked bikers

and we stopped that night in luxembourg. we did no sightseeing, we were tired, so instead we tried belgian beers we had bought, watched some lame movie with george clooney and rene zegwegger and read about running.

the next morning we woke up at 6 to drive to north germany for an uber hilly half marathon.

the elevation was 902km, and once it was so steep that everyone stopped running and climb-walked. i tried this technique of flailing arms like a speed-skater. mildly effective. by the end i wanted to die, although at times i had the vonnegut epitaph ‘everything was beautiful nothing hurt’ run through my mind.

after that it was full speed home. we only stopped for gas, and this amazingly sharp rainbow:

my dad only had 2 cds in the car. one was awful. i don’t even remember what it was but it was the worst thing i’ve had to listen to since rebecca black. the other cd however was really really good. it was a band called elbow, who turns out are from manchester.

the end.


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I moved to Manchester from Vancouver, Canada, and I like to update the internet about it
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One Response to if i had a band, i would name it das frühstück

  1. The jerk says:

    Nice!!! You know how I ❤ a good road trip!!

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