after arriving in budapest, artur flew in from manchester to meet me, and together we embarked on a family-visit-y vacation. most characteristic of this was that we ate a lot. A LOT.

we ate gulyas

roasted animal fat & onion

and artur’s grandma fed us cake for breakfast every day

anyway hungary was many funz, but we left and took the night train to warsaw

my mom came to say bye

we got 2 beds in a 4bed cabin, but no one else showed up so it was all ours

i woke up at Katowice at around 4 am

we got there at 7 am, and after quick showers at artur’s grandmas we went to explore warsaw:

the city’s symbol is a mermaid

(lol @ im the queen of the night)

and also this building built by the soviets. apparently locals are supposed to hate it, but it still stands as a symbol of the city… meh

there are also a lot of churches, and the pope randomly pops up everywhere

(i like how god sends hugs & kisses. xoxo.)

i liked the pained walls

& bad translations:

make sure he/she does it softly!

then moar sights:


uprising stuff:

also they were building this stadium for the fifa cup there in 2012, which our guidebook referred to as “the national wicker basket”

also after all the greasy eating we made it a mission to find a healthy place to eat one night. we found a place called ‘green patio’ that had created its image around serving vitamin-filled healthy food. it was pretty deserted, and they had a hogwards-style attempt at a ceiling, with 2 tv screens playing an out-of-sync film of clouds passing by on the sky. the food was really awesome though, it felt so nice to eat a salad and then a fruit-thing. also, the staff were funny. when we first came in i got an english menu n artur got a polish one. then when we asked for desert menus we both got english ones. ouch.

another night we met up with my friend ola from my masters programme in manchester. she took us to a tiny hidden bar which was pretty cool

we also visited artur-specific places & found a park he played in when he was little

anyway i generally liked warsaw. also i came up with a theory to distinguish east & west. since “2nd world” is no longer a term that is used, and there are many people who are born in the east but really grow up in the west (e.g. all my friends in canada) identities can get muddled & confused. but i have the ultimate test to set it right. i believe that the identifier of one true eastern european is the understanding and appreciation of a good strong plastic bag. yes. those thick ones, with colours and/or a logo.

i do believe that the biggest cultural divide between artur and i manifests when he uses a good plastic bag for garbage instead of the tesco bags and i cringe and he doesn’t get why.


About rekainmanchester

I moved to Manchester from Vancouver, Canada, and I like to update the internet about it
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