one does not simply walk into arnside

my cousin nora came for a visit, so we decided to utilize our craptacular lake-district guidebook and go for another hike.

we took the train to grange-over-sands and went on our trusty guidebook’s recommended walk

it first led us to a view-point that reminded me of the lighthouse in lost:

… okay well close enough… anyway no one got my lost reference of “i see my house from here” ):

we continued into sheep country

a bunch of them were babies and kept violently suckling milk from their moms. it was really brutal-looking.

a family started following us, but would only move when we turned our backs, if we turned around to look at them they stopped and pretended to be eating grass.

anyway, we got through this hike without any serious difficulty, returned to grange-over-sands, and then plotted ways to make our journey more epic.

so we consulted some local tourist info ladies about walking to the next town – Arnside. They said that it takes 30 minutes by car, and that we shouldn’t even think about it, we should just take the train…   CHALLENGE ACCEPTED

so blue is the route the ladies thought of, red is what we had in mind, and green probably most accurately portrays what happened

first we took a preliminary walk on the boardwalk/ promenade to check out the terrain

we were sort of undecided.. until we saw this

i have never actually seen real quicksand, except in cartoons 

so anyway we descended into Morecambe Bay, with the intention of crossing it into Arnside

even the sun came out

we never came across any quicksand. this sand making slushy noises was the closest we came, but our shoes sank only inches:

well anyway, after a while we realized that the ladies had somewhat of a point. there seemed to be an incredibly windy river that kept cutting in our path. but not to fear, we walked along it until we found a shallow place to pass

this was only the beginning however, as the river decided to cross our paths again with more force. but we found another shallow end, and crossed after artur’s exploratory crossing

so finally on the right shore, we dried our jeans a bit and decided to go through the forest. WRONG

but finally, via the beach, we made it to Arnside and took the train home to some curry-mile refueling.

… so now i think it’s safe to tell you this:

and this:




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I moved to Manchester from Vancouver, Canada, and I like to update the internet about it
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