reka and artur move to london

so i’m not sure if “reka in manchester” remains relevant… but maybe i shall continue anyway…

we are moving to LONDON! on saturday. my friend Carmen offered to drive us, making it infinitely easier than taking the train with all our luggage/ things. We’ve accumulated so much in a year. how?? hoarders!

while home-hunting, we saw many flats that were not okay. london is very expensive, and apparently the maximum limit on our budget does not buy much. but we weren’t even desirable candidates for the more expensive places.

we had a viewing in Sidcup, something of a suburb I guess. The flat seemed nice from pics, the only flatmate would have been a 29yo professional lady, and the commute, while on the expensive side (zone 5 i think) was not much, time-wise, with the train. But when we got out there, the lady cancelled. I think the word “student” is taboo, even if it is preceeded by the word “phd”, in the letting world.

we also saw a place where our room was just big enough to fit a double bed, and in the living room, the guy had a snake. well the snake had a massive box, with glass windows, and i’m almost sure that the snake’s room was larger than the one offered to us.

finally we found a kind older couple, who are renting their sons’ rooms, since they had moved out, so they converted that to 1 bedroom and 1 private living room for our use. we are their first tenants, so this could get strange at times, but they seem nice & easy going. and this was cheaper than the smaller-than-snake-pit-1-bedroom.

well anyway, short update on our next stop in adventures around the world. exciting


About rekainmanchester

I moved to Manchester from Vancouver, Canada, and I like to update the internet about it
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